In 2017, David Ebert from the USA and his wife Steph decided to build a tiny house in our workshop in South Africa. It started as a social experiment to see if an academic (David is a maths guru) can build a house from scratch without losing a limb... David completed the project and we are pleased to confirm that he is still in one piece.

David documented his 225 day build on his blog and definitely worth a look. He was lucky to have his father, Paul, who made the trip to SA in order to help on the project for a few months.

Steph and David currently live in their tiny house in KZN and they are loving the simple life! Steph talks about what it is like to live in a tiny house with their one year old on her blog.

We will be offering one place per year for such a project. The next slot will be starting in June 2018. Please contact us if you would like to apply.