Craymis Tiny Houses - treading lightly since 2017



The obvious advantage to a tiny house is the affordability. An average tiny house financed over 5 years will cost the owner around the the same as a granny flat rental, that is until the final installment is paid. Then it's all yours...

But there is a lot more to tiny house living than affordability. They have the lightest of footprints with modest power consumption, minimal impact on the land on which they perch, and very economical use of materials.


Tiny houses are ideal for collaborative living, where like-minded people live in close proximity to one another and can choose to share services like laundry, security, gardening and recreation. There are many examples of these on the internet, search "pocket communities" or "micro communities".

These collaborative communities are predominantly occupied by younger people. 30 years ago when i got my first house i wouldn't have dreamed of not owning title to the land i lived on. But now many 20 somethings would happily trade a crippling bond on a large home with maid and gardener for the relative freedom of owning a compact, affordable and movable unit on a third party's land.

There are some examples, however, of collaborative micro communities for retirees. We would love to see more of that and and are looking for an opportunity to get involved in such a project.


In January 2018, the Craymis team joined up with the new students from In-House Learning Centre which opened its doors on the same property. Together they spent the first two terms building their centre as well as their canteen. The centre consists of two converted containers with a large covered common area. The canteen is an old furniture trailer that is constantly receiving new funky additions like its red booth and steel fireplace.

The Centre will be focused on experiential learning and students will be involved in all aspects of Craymis's projects, from design through to construction.